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Established in 2015 we are the first Probiotic Cannabis farm in Colorado. We have abandoned traditional methods of pesticides and synthetic nutrients to a system of natural self-generating organic compost system of natural ingredients. Like no other Cannabis farm we make thousands of gallons per week of probiotic Alfalfa fermented tea for nitrogen and good bacteria early in the year, and then switch to a watermelon and strawberry ferment for nutrients later in the season. These nutrients increase the microflora, grow beautiful healthy organic plants, and reconstruct the dirt during the process. We are the only farm that flood irrigates cold spring fed mountain water through furrows like the cornfields. This ensures the best cold spring fed mountain water for irrigation during the hottest months of the year, then couple this with high altitude UVa and UVb  we now have some of the strongest broad profile cannabis on the planet.

Sugar Magnolia Farms has the most dedicated Marijuana growers in the country whose sole mission is to develop the most dynamic terpene profile pro-biotic. Spring watered, slow-cured and hand trimmed cannabis available to the public.

Sugar Magnolia Hemp farms has available the healthiest probiotic “Full Spectrum Crude Hemp oil” and distillate in the United States. The source you purchase from is the most important decision you can make when buying CBD oil. The CBD crude oil, probiotically grown, can be administered orally at any time. Studies have shown that the compound has anticonvulsant properties. None of these claims are FDA approved and all CBD Hemp products are < 0.3 % THC. These products will ease pain, beat stress, give digestive benefits, make you sleep better and overall improve your health. We are “Grateful” and “Dead” serious in helping people and take pride and care in delivering the finest probiotic cannabis in the USA.

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